Algrand Berni Bogema Geneva 🇨🇭 CAC Junior class 15.11.19. CAC, Judge Penkova Antoaneta (Bulgaria) — exl.-1, CW, , JCAC 1/4

Geneva 🇨🇭 CAC + CACIB — I, CACIB — II, CACIB — III
The first trip of Algrand Berni Bogema 13 м. aka Bonya to the homeland of ancestors and the first participation in an exhibition of this class.

Junior class
15.11.19. CAC, 
Judge Penkova Antoaneta (Bulgaria) —
exl.-1, CW, , JCAC 1/4

CACIB — I , judge Paulsen Einar 🇩🇰 —
exl. 2/4, Res. JCAC

16.11.19 CACIB — II, judge Gargusova Terezia (Slovakia) — v/g

17.11.19 CACIB — III, judge Stigt Hans 🇳🇱 — 
exl. 3/6

I want to express my gratitude to handler Ekaterina Shumak for showing, for the possibility of my dog being in Switzerland. Thanks for the help Svetlana Avseenko and her husband for their help in the ring (I appreciate and respect)! Thanks to the breeders Mozina Irina and Irina Koroleva Irina for our junior! Thanks to everyone who was worried and sick for us, she was the only dog at the exhibition from Russia. A good start has been made, we will study and study further!