Double victory 🏆 ❤ two special exhibitions and Mountain Dog Festival of All Breed Zennenhund Serpukhov! 23.08.2020 (МООО КЛЖ Осирис, МОКОО Кеннел клуб)

Algrand Berni Bogema


— ( 2 mono)


— ( 2 mono)

BIS MONO festival of all breed BMD- 1

Thanks to the experts for the appreciation:M. Kremnev

( mono, bis festival) S. Abrakimov

(mono) Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition кинологический центр Осирис

, for the wonderful prizes, a beautiful place, and also thanks to everyone who was with us heart and soul, breeder Ирина Королева, Irina Mozina, big thanks handler Екатерина Шумак

! I congratulate all the exhibitors!

it was nice to see friends and acquaintances!

we are happy!